Hero campaign is starting in Denver lead by kids!

Do you consider yourself a hero? Do you think you are strong, smart, special enough to make a difference in your life and lives of others? What if you live in a homeless shelter; what if you feel you don’t have opportunities to advance in life; and what if you think that the situation you are in can’t be changed? Would you consider yourself a hero?

Kids of homeless shelters and schools of Denver decided to fight this attitude and prove that you can make a difference despite life conditions. They have started a “Hero Tree” mural to explore topic of heroism, to use art as a way of encouraging each other and to support kids that went through horror of earthquake in Haiti.

Hundreds of pieces from Denver, Haiti, Peru and Mexico will come together to created the 8 by 10 feet mural that will hang in the Wellington Web building in Downtown Denver, and then be moved to the Denver City and County building.

The Hero Tree mural will be part of Signing Tree forest – murals of inspiration created in other states of United States. This will be the first one done in the state of Colorado.  The mural will include three aspen trees to represent our state and the unity and community of children coming together to be inspired and inspire others.  The world will represent regions involved in the project and will include faces from each region to celebrate diversity.  The stars will have the names of children who died in the recent Haitian earthquake.  Every individual leaf and star will be a miniature work of art done by one of the children.  The theme “hero” is meant to inspire children to think about who is important in their lives and/or what that person represents that is meaningful to them.

Join Singing Tree Group on Facebook to see project pictures and updates or visit http://picasaweb.google.com/mariafeekes/HeroTreeDev?authkey=Gv1sRgCNKRib76tKGKFg&feat=directlink

More on Signing Tree project here: http://www.soulemporium.com/singingtrees.html


Project powered by Department of Cultural Affairs of Denver (Public Art Division) and Tu Can Too, Inc

Tu Can Too is a Colorado non-profit that empowers children by illuminating their special value and unique importance through the arts and creative giving projects.


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